I come from a family with 4 siblings. Two sisters and two brothers. This is by no means a “large family” by catholic standards but hey, it’s relatively big by today’s standards. Like many other families, we find ourselves placed all around the country and do not get together as often as we would like.

~Our family~

Mama: She’s Mexican and spunky and believes that buying store bought tortillas is a sin.

Dad: The man who dotes on Mama, they live in Lawrenceville, GA.

Chris: The older brother. Married to Kelly. Has 8 kids. Obviously a little crazy. Lives in Winder, GA.

Rebekah: Oldest sister. Pretty much perfect. Blog owner. Husband, Robert- also perfect. 5 kids from 2 marriages – we have a combined family. We live in Medford, OR. We just recently had a child together. He’s pretty much the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

Deborah: 2nd sister, almost as awesome as me. Husband, Eric is pretty swell.  They have 3 boys. They live in Kathleen, GA.

Melissa: 3rd sister, has two boys and one adorable little girl. She lives in Yakima Washington.

Warren: he’s the youngest kid, just got married to his sweetheart, Hannah. They are now expecting their first child and have recently relocated to Bahrain on a Navy deployment.

We wanted to have a blog where we can all share recipes and keep them handy so we’ve started this online cookbook. Mostly for our family, but we welcome friends and readers to try out and comment on our family favorites as we start to document them. Mom is Mexican, and Dad is Texan so we grew up eating a combination of spaghetti & fideos, tacos & pimento cheese sandwiches, flan & pecan pie… (Not all at one meal, that would be gross) Our family favorites come from the blend of Mexican and Southern food we ate growing up!

Provecho, Y’all!


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